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Washing machines and dishwashers cleaner.

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Washing machines and dishwashers always seem to be clean. But with every wash cycle dirt (often invisible) stays behind in your machine. Lime, soap and dirt cause malfunctions in your machine and this results in laundry which is not cleaned well, a washing program which takes more time than usual, a machine that does not heat well or a machine that pumps continuously.

The heating element is the machine part that gets defective most often. But before it really breaks down, it malfunctions for a longer period already. Other parts are also sensitive to dirt. That is why professional repairmen always clean a machine thoroughly once the machine has been repaired. In this way, they prevent other parts to break down, as a result of dirt, shortly after the repair.

By using HQ machine cleaner every three months, malfunctioning of the washing machine or dishwasher can easily be prevented. Filters, floaters, drainage pipes and other parts which are hard to reach, stay clean

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